Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tired of Waiting

I'm currently on Spring Break and decided to catch up on some tv viewing. C and I watched almost all of Bones season one. When we finished the last disk, I looked up at the clock last night and realized it was 3a.m.

Usually I'm in bed with Bender by 11, he did not like that I was up so late. So last night at about 12:30 he decided to commandeer his brother's cage and tuck himself in.

Most adorable sleepers ever!


  1. too cute!!! looks like he is right at home in there :)

    enjoy the rest of your Spring Break!


  2. LOL that's ADORABLE!!! Toby is a very light sleeper so we usually only get sleepy eyes...but every now and then we'll be quite enough to catch him in some funny position :P too cute!

  3. Our people love "Bones" around here, too! WE love bones, too, but not the kind on the TV. Grammy usually gets to bed around 3-4 a.m. now that she is Re-tired from working at the school. She's always been a night person, and LOVES this part of retired mints.

    Grandma OC gets tired and goes to bed by herself a lot, too, but at least Papa is in the bed when she goes. That's a great trick, pulling the covers over himself! Way to go, Bender! The Country Corgi Crew