Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bath Time

Today was bath day for both dogs. Bender had begun to smell like a hamster cage. He's also having a bout of icky tummy so his bottom needed a washing anyway.

"What's that you say mom? Bath? I dislike that word."

"Please don't do this. I'll give lots of kisses."

I already dislike this!

Complaining as only a Corgi can.

Drying himself.


  1. too cute!! you wonder why they aren't fond of baths but Koda is the same way. Although I love the way Bender dries himself. At least that chore is done for a bit, right?


  2. haha, so funny that he uses towels! Gibson will use every thing in the house besides a towel to dry himself off (I actually just posted videos!) :)

  3. Bender has to use towels, because we have wood and tile floor, but he does use the 2 small rugs we have. When we lived in the apartment he would refuse the towels and only use the carpet.

  4. It's still to cold for ours to dry themselves and they HATE the blow dryer. None of ours like baths either, but they DO love to play in the water and will jump in a pool all by themselves and snap at any spraying water, getting themselves sopping wet. Maybe it's the soap? I LOVE the pics you shared with us! Linda (OC's Mom)

    Bender, buddy, when you hear that word, you need to take off as fast as your little leggies will take you! The CCC