Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Call for Taste Testers!

About a month ago I mentioned that I had wanted to start a homemade dog treat shop on Etsy. Well I've finally (and very slowly) started getting to work on Peabody Snarflenubbins & Co. (name still a work in progress. )

Today I started making treats, I'll finish up tomorrow after I've gone grocery shopping. What I need are four legged friends to taste test!

The treats available for testing will be some mixture of peanut butter bones, oatmeal crunchies, banana biscotti, beef barley bones, snickerpoodles, and apple/sweet potato biscuits.

If you think your four legged friends would find any of those yummy shoot me an email at Please include your name (and dog's name!) and your address. (Also include if your dog has food allergies that way I can avoid sending anything that would upset their tummies!) I'm hoping to ship them out by Friday afternoon.

All I ask in return is that you send feedback either as a blog post or a comment on what your four legged friends (and you) thought. I'd appreciate honesty!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Product Review: FURminator deShedding Shampoo and Solution

Sunday mornings I like to go to Target to check out the new sales and do my shopping before the store gets busy.

This morning I discovered FURminator deShedding Shampoo and deShedding Solution on clearance for $6.48 each down from the original price of $13 a bottle.

I know our vet and my mom's neighbor who is a groomer recommend them, also I'm a sucker for clearance and for my dogs so I picked up a bottle of each.

I decided when I got home that it was bath time as both dogs were starting to smell like stinky feet.

We've started giving them a bath at the same time - it's just easier that way. Bones will hop in the tub without being told, a different story.

We started with the FURminator deShedding Shampoo. First observation - it's blue, VERY VERY bright blue. Also, it smells amazing! Coconut - very summery. It lathers well, although we usually use a little more on Bender due to his thick coat. The bottle says let it sit 5-10 minutes, I think we made it 3 before Bender tried to leap from the tub. I don't know any Corgi that is willing to sit with shampoo on them for 10 minutes, but I don't think our 3 minutes will affect the outcome. It rinsed off cleanly, that's a big plus - I hate shampoos that make the dogs feel slimy even after it's washed off.

Ingredients in deShedding Shampoo

After we finished rinsing the shampoo off we moved on to the FURminator deShedding Solution. C commented that he wanted to skip it with Bender as he was already restless and disgruntled at having been tossed in the tub. I told him Bender was already wet, he'd be fine a few more minutes. This solution had the consistency of a conditioner and it had a fresh smell. I felt we had to use more than we should because it didn't spread as well as the shampoo. The bottle said to let the solution sit for 5 minutes, again I think we only made it 3. I felt that the solution took longer to rinse off than the shampoo.

Ingredients in deShedding Solution

Overall I'd say if you can find it on clearance great, but I'm not sure I'd spend $13 for each bottle. The dogs do smell great (so do my hands!), we'll have to wait and see how effective it is on shedding.

Disgruntled Corgi.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Caption Me!

I was taking pictures of Bender napping when the flash startled him and I was left with this:

This photo makes me laugh. What is he thinking? Hmmm...

Fret not readers, Bender quickly fell back asleep and is currently snoring on the couch.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Evening Walk

We've been taking walks every evening, nothing fancy just little walks around our neighborhood. We're working on "heel" "sit" and "leave it."

"Leave it" definitely seems to be the most difficult for Bender. It's amazing the strength a little Corgi can have when he wants to see another dog, smell some grass, or pee on a telephone pole. I feel like by now he should know "leave it" but he chooses to ignore it.

Bender working on "sit". Not happy Ma, wants to sniffs stuff.

Bones is much better at "sit" than his older brother. Definitely the more obedient of the two.

Finally a shot of all my boys walking. Bender can actually fit under Bones, and likes to cut under him when walking.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Long Overdue

Hello everyone in Blog land! We are still alive and well over here at the Adventure Dog Blog. Things just got a little hectic the last month.

School ended which is always a chaotic time, final exams, report cards, meetings, packing up my classroom. On top of that one of our seniors passed away the day before graduation, which made the week even more difficult than it should have been.

A few days after school let out C and I flew back to Michigan for my father's and his mother's 50th Birthdays. Spent almost a week in MI, there are things I miss, but Michigan can keep the humidity, mosquitoes, and the allergens that make me feel like death. While we were there the boys got to stay at the Vet's. Our Vet is amazing and Bones loves it there, Bender isn't so thrilled being left anywhere without us for an extended time.

I can't believe school has already been out for a month! How time flies. I'm working a part time job to try and save up some money because they're cutting my pay this coming year. I'm still planning on starting Peabody Snarflenubbins & Co. I think I'll get baking tomorrow since I have to work today.

Now the reason you're all here some corgi! Yesterday C and I took the boys down to Centennial Park. When I say down I truly mean "down" as we live along the Snake River Canyon which is 500 feet deep and a quarter mile wide. It truly is one of the prettiest things about this town, too bad it's obscured by strip malls and traffic.

Walked around the park, laid in the shade, checked out the water - which Bender hates! All in all great family time at the park!

Perrine Bridge which leads into Twin Falls. Perrine Bridge is the only man-made structure in the United States where BASE jumping is allowed year-round without a permit.