Friday, June 25, 2010

Evening Walk

We've been taking walks every evening, nothing fancy just little walks around our neighborhood. We're working on "heel" "sit" and "leave it."

"Leave it" definitely seems to be the most difficult for Bender. It's amazing the strength a little Corgi can have when he wants to see another dog, smell some grass, or pee on a telephone pole. I feel like by now he should know "leave it" but he chooses to ignore it.

Bender working on "sit". Not happy Ma, wants to sniffs stuff.

Bones is much better at "sit" than his older brother. Definitely the more obedient of the two.

Finally a shot of all my boys walking. Bender can actually fit under Bones, and likes to cut under him when walking.


  1. loved the last picture!! I think corgis are exceedingly stubbon, that's why I think they have trouble with leave it....


  2. Evening walks are the best!! :) Good luck with the training. Corgis are definitely hard headed little dogs!

  3. Hard headed is an understatment. My Winnie is smart as a whip but only does follows a command if she thinks it will lead to more fun than what she's having right now. :-)

  4. Corgis are herding dogs and were bred to think for themselves. If there isn't a good enough reason to do it, then... There have to be a LOT of treats involved to make it worth their attention! :) Also, I've found (so far) that males tend to be harder-headed than females.