Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Corgi Butts Giveaway!

Kelly over at CorgiButts is having an awesome martingale collar giveaway!

She is giving away a purple polka dot martingale collar from BigDoggyBling on Etsy! But, not to worry for those of you boy dog owners! If she picks a boy to win, they'll get a lovely aqua and brown stripe collar.

Go check out the giveaway on her blog!

Monday, September 20, 2010

(More) Corgis With Blogs Calendar! - By Bender

I'm so excited! Kelly over at Corgi Butts made a second calendar full of Corgis with Blogs and she picked me to be in it! I'm Mr. April! Even better she put me on the Cover! Thanks Kelly!

AND my friends Winnie from Herding the Corgi, Sadie from Sadie the Rescued Corgi, Toby from My Fuzzy Munchkin, Theo from Corgi Tails, and Gibson from Corgi Butts join me in the calendar!
More Corgis (with blogs) Mini Calendar

You should also go check out the full size Corgis with Blogs Calendar. All proceeds go to the Lakshore Corgi Rescue! Click here to buy from Cafe Press for $19.99

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm sill working on Peabody Snarflenubbins and Co. I swear! I really am! If you don't understand what that sentence means (for my newer readers) look here for background info and here for links to reviews from my wonderful taste testers!

I'm hoping by next week to really have the shop up and running. I'm even going to give my readers a discount for being so patient. Summer just went by so quickly and schools already been in for a month! I'm trying to get into the swing of writing lesson plans and grading papers, and working two jobs, and having a home life. I'm hoping by next week I can have a schedule worked out with Wednesday being my designated baking night.

ANYWAY! I made some Barkin' Banana Biscotti yesterday so I could finally send them to my paws it forward people. (These were a Gibson Favorite! If you haven't seen the video, you should watch it!) I am SO sorry that it's taken so long!

I modified the recipe and included peanut butter and instead of long rods I made them into big bones.
I made all three sizes, and the little ones I turned into peanut butter sandwiches!

I decided to make them a little differently because I picked up this three pack of dog bone cookie cutters from PetSmart. They were $7.99 - a little more than I'd like to have spent, but I suppose the Martha Stewart brand is pricey, and I'm a sucker for Martha! The web page even offers some recipes! I think I'll have to try those out as well!

They got the Bender and Bones seal of approval so I hope Dexter and Bronwyn, Dylan, and Rhiannon enjoy them!
Lazer beam boys want noms!

Bones wasting no time. Gone in 3 bites!

Bender pushing me away. "No photos ma! I'm busy with the noms!"

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reverse Sneezing

Poor Bender. He had a pretty long bout of reverse sneezing tonight.

"Ma, makes it stop! I don't yike it!"

I remember the first time he did this we were on a walk. I didn't know what to make of it. I thought he inhaled a bug or a weed or was possibly getting ready to hack up a lung.

Here's the youtube video link.

Usually I don't sit there and tape it. Usually when this happens I'm lying on the floor with him trying to calm and reassure him.

Bender - Dumbo Ears

This video was taken a while ago, but it still makes me giggle. I love that he yawns and lets it keep happening.

Looks ma! I cans almost fly!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Corgi Spin, ACTIVATE!

Bender seems to hate his right back leg. He spins and spins and spins and tries to gnaw on it.

He usually does this when he's excited or when there's a lot going on in the house.

Once he "catches" his leg he gnaws on it until it is soaked.

"I hates you leg. I hates you so bad I'mma get you!"

Here's the youtube video link.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Limp Noodle

Lately when we leave the house we've had to lock the dogs in their crates.

Bones has issues with separation and we've come home to discover that he's put together entire outfits on the floor. Actually it's pretty amazing! He'll get a shoe for each foot (usually one of mine and one of Casey's), he'll have a shirt and usually a towel instead of pants. He's also destroyed my $90 slippers and chewed on Casey's.

So into the crates they go.

BUT, Bender doesn't like being locked up. Bender wants to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it. So if we tell him "Bender, crate." He'll roll on his back and go limp noodle.

"I's cute, right? No crate for me?"

You may want to turn the volume down. I didn't realize how annoying my voice was.

We try to ask him forcefully, we try to bribe with treats (I know, we're bad), we usually have to resort to picking up a 35lb Corgi brick.

Do any other Corgi's out there do this? I'm thinking it's time he and I go to obedience classes.

Also my paws it forward people, I hope to ship packages this week!

Here's the youtube video link.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Corgi Butts Calendar - I'm a Finalist!

Kelly over at Corgi Butts is making a Corgi Calendar! Friggin sweet!

Kelly has done an amazing job of whittling down over 300 pictures submitted to her and has narrowed them down to only 30! AND... Bender was picked as one of the finalists to be voted on! We're both very excited!

I was amazed Bender made the cut. 300 pictures! That's a lot of corgi adorable-ness to sort. (I think it'd be a fun job. Who doesn't love an adorable Corgi mug?)

The other finalists this year are AMAZING! I think I need to step it up for next year. I have to get a better camera and try to catch Bender in more adorable poses. It's very difficult. He has a serious hatred for all things camera related. The picture I submitted was him trying to be cute so I'd let him stay in the front yard, something he doesn't get to do very often.

So serious. His GQ/Blue Steel pose.
(OR, p-p-p-please let me stay in the front yard. I never gets to lay out here.)

So if you're interested in voting peek on over to her blog page for the 30 finalists. Bender came in at number 29.

Even if you don't plan on voting hop on over to take a look at 30 adorable corgis! You should also think about ordering a finished calendar. All proceeds go to the Lakeshore Corgi Rescue.