Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Corgi Spin, ACTIVATE!

Bender seems to hate his right back leg. He spins and spins and spins and tries to gnaw on it.

He usually does this when he's excited or when there's a lot going on in the house.

Once he "catches" his leg he gnaws on it until it is soaked.

"I hates you leg. I hates you so bad I'mma get you!"

Here's the youtube video link.


  1. too cute, but makes you wonder if it itches him or what??? these corgis always do find ways to amuse us :)


  2. oh my god toooooo funny
    i love tthe video hahahha

  3. haha aww must have an itch he can't scratch!!

  4. Too cute!! We tried to train Toby to jump on the door and bark when he needed to go to the bathroom... yeah, that never took LOL. But when he starts chasing his nub...we know it's time! :P

  5. Hahahahahaaha omg this is too funny. I like when he rests in between lol.