Monday, September 20, 2010

(More) Corgis With Blogs Calendar! - By Bender

I'm so excited! Kelly over at Corgi Butts made a second calendar full of Corgis with Blogs and she picked me to be in it! I'm Mr. April! Even better she put me on the Cover! Thanks Kelly!

AND my friends Winnie from Herding the Corgi, Sadie from Sadie the Rescued Corgi, Toby from My Fuzzy Munchkin, Theo from Corgi Tails, and Gibson from Corgi Butts join me in the calendar!
More Corgis (with blogs) Mini Calendar

You should also go check out the full size Corgis with Blogs Calendar. All proceeds go to the Lakshore Corgi Rescue! Click here to buy from Cafe Press for $19.99


  1. so neat! Bender, you look great on the cover! Kelly is soooo talented!


  2. I am so excited about this too!!!! YAYYYY! And I loveeee that picture of Bender and voted for it, so I'm so happy it's the cover :)

  3. AAACCCKKK! Grammy just realized that all those comments she THOUGHT she'd left, she didn't because she forgot that you have a two time Post comment type button! Well, RATS AND MICE!!!

    Anyway, we had congratulated you on being in the calendar with several other of our friends. Your picture is really great! The CCC