Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm sill working on Peabody Snarflenubbins and Co. I swear! I really am! If you don't understand what that sentence means (for my newer readers) look here for background info and here for links to reviews from my wonderful taste testers!

I'm hoping by next week to really have the shop up and running. I'm even going to give my readers a discount for being so patient. Summer just went by so quickly and schools already been in for a month! I'm trying to get into the swing of writing lesson plans and grading papers, and working two jobs, and having a home life. I'm hoping by next week I can have a schedule worked out with Wednesday being my designated baking night.

ANYWAY! I made some Barkin' Banana Biscotti yesterday so I could finally send them to my paws it forward people. (These were a Gibson Favorite! If you haven't seen the video, you should watch it!) I am SO sorry that it's taken so long!

I modified the recipe and included peanut butter and instead of long rods I made them into big bones.
I made all three sizes, and the little ones I turned into peanut butter sandwiches!

I decided to make them a little differently because I picked up this three pack of dog bone cookie cutters from PetSmart. They were $7.99 - a little more than I'd like to have spent, but I suppose the Martha Stewart brand is pricey, and I'm a sucker for Martha! The web page even offers some recipes! I think I'll have to try those out as well!

They got the Bender and Bones seal of approval so I hope Dexter and Bronwyn, Dylan, and Rhiannon enjoy them!
Lazer beam boys want noms!

Bones wasting no time. Gone in 3 bites!

Bender pushing me away. "No photos ma! I'm busy with the noms!"


  1. Gibson says, "*drool* Barkin' Banana Biscotti *droool*

    We're excited for your shop!! :)

  2. Awww these look great! We will definitely be purchasing some when you get the shop up!

  3. you do have a lot going on! do let us know when you do get the shop up and running!


  4. cant wait for the shop and benny is eager to try them since he wasnt around when we were taste testers :)

  5. Let Grammy know when your shop is up and running, too, and we will herd her on over to check it out! Bender really makes those look good!!! The CCC

  6. i was looking at those cookie cutters too... so cute! yes im still debating if i want to get martha's poop bag holder... haha