Friday, July 2, 2010

Peabody Snarflenubbins & Co.

This is a post for my taste testers, Gibson, Butterball, Koda, and Stanley. Your treats were shipped today! Expect them within 2-3 days (I'd say Tuesday due to the holiday weekend.)

They should stay fresh, you'll have to let me know. (It's all new to me!)

The treats you'll receive are in the only packaging I could find in my small town. Yup, dollar store brown paper bags. I'm looking into ordering tin tie bags with windows so you can see the treats and they'll stay nice and fresh.

Also, you have the quickest label C could whip up for me. The final label will look like this:

I'm shopping the labels around to printers to find out how much it will cost to print them up. I'm also having C make ingredient labels. (If you want to know what went into your treats, shoot me an email!)

The finished product after 2 days of baking.

Bender, my taste tester. "But I wants 'em ALL ma!"

You should be receiving a mix of Oatmeal Crunchies, Peanut Butter Bones, Beef 'n Barley Bones, Bark'n Banana Biscotti, Snickerpoodles, Apple Snackums, and Apple and Sweet Potato Snackums. (I sent enough so that if you like them you can share with your friends, although I know how difficult that can be fore little corgis!)

Also, unfortunately one of you won't get the Apple and Sweet Potato Snackums. I made the boxes up in our local Target parking lot while sitting in my front seat, and after I sealed all the boxes I discovered the lone bag of treats. I didn't want to rip open all the boxes, I'm sorry!

If you get the treats and decide you like them and you wish to donate $ to help start the ETSY shop (printing labels, buying bags, buying groceries to make treats, etc...) you can send $ via paypal! - any donation is appreciated.

Also, if you like them - spread the word! The more people that know the better!


  1. thanks :) im sure butterball will be super excited, he loves treats :)
    im excited as well

  2. thanks Rachel!! I know that Koda will enjoy them! and I look forward to seeing his reaction to them!! I'll let you know when we get them and Koda's reactions to them :)

    Happy Fourth!


  3. just letting you know we recieved the treats and even before the box was opened butterball went nuts....already gave him three treats and its a hit :) i'll make sure i blog about it and give you commentary on what we think about each treat within the next two days...i dont wanna feed him too much at once. thanks so much!
    oh i was wondering what do you want us to refer you as? your blog? or treat company name? im not sure what would be better for you. just let me know

  4. Rachel:

    I got the treats yesterday! thanks!! I'm going to try them on Koda later day (at least one or two); his tummy has been upset the past few days, I think the stress from fireworks) so I want that to be cleared up before I introduce anything new to him! they look great though and he keeps looking at the box, I think he knows they are for him!!


  5. Hi Rachel, we got the treats on Tuesday. Stanley thanks you very much :) I'll definitely blog about them (my blog should be up & running this weekend). And I think I'll share some with our meetup group! Thanks again!


    :) thanks so much for letting butterball try them...he loved them

  7. These treats look great! I saw the review of them posted on Gibson's blog. Can't wait to buy some when you start the Esty store! :)

    -Laurie and Sadie

  8. OK... We REALLY need to know how to get in touch with you about these! Your friends in Corgi Country are drooling all over me at the idea!