Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reverse Sneezing

Poor Bender. He had a pretty long bout of reverse sneezing tonight.

"Ma, makes it stop! I don't yike it!"

I remember the first time he did this we were on a walk. I didn't know what to make of it. I thought he inhaled a bug or a weed or was possibly getting ready to hack up a lung.

Here's the youtube video link.

Usually I don't sit there and tape it. Usually when this happens I'm lying on the floor with him trying to calm and reassure him.


  1. is that what its called? i always wondered what the heck the boys were doing when they made that noise :(

    poor bender

  2. I never knew what this was until about a year ago when someone mentioned it on their corgi blog. I always thought when Koda did it he was having breathing problems or something. it is scary to have them go through it; I'm always trying to comfort him when he has these episodes


  3. Ein had a short reverse sneeze session too, a few days ago. I gently massaged his throat and it quickly subsided.

  4. Gibson has had a few bad attacks this allergy season :( Even though I know he'll be ok, it's still scary!!

  5. Stanley hasn't had this since he was a puppy. But I've heard massaging their throat or even plugging up his nostrils during it will help. Poor Bender!

  6. This happens to Sadie, too. I think it's mainly allergies, or when she gets too excited. If you rub their throat and try to calm them down, it helps. The vet never seemed very worried about it when I described it. It is pretty common, even though it sounds horrible!