Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today I took away Bender's rope. He had pretty much destroyed it, but since I was working on homework I didn't want to get up to throw it away.

He watched me put it on the coffee table and then spent 10 minutes begging for it until I finally threw it away. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for those beautiful brown-gold eyes and usually end up giving in to him.


  1. too cute! his eyes are beautiful!! I understand about the eyes too; that's why Koda is 5 pounds overweight :)


  2. Oh, My Goodness! Rachel... How COULD you! I know... You must have had something else to give him to distract him from the rope in the trash, right! Maybe you gave him some of those yummy cookies you talked about before?

    Here we posted about you and Bender in our newest post and suggested everyone come and visit you to meet you and get that Cookie recipe, and now we find that you are actually "RESISTING THE EYES!" This is totally awful and we can't have this happening again or our people might all try to get the urge to "resist the eyes" and then we'd "waist away" to nothing!!! OC and the Country Corgi Crew

  3. Corgis are the best beggers in the world, that's for sure!