Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Won! (By Bender)

I won Miss Mercy’s Monday Mystery #3 over at Corgi Country!

See, I'm official. I get a badge and all!

Mom is jealous because she never wins anything, and this is my first contest and I won! They're real nice over there at Corgi Country. They gave us a great shout-out and Gimli wrote a very nice entry mentioning us. They have so many dogs! Dad won't let mom have more than 2, but mom says I give enough love for 2 dogs anyway.

I also want to say "hi" to Betty and Koda! They're so nice and always leave comments that make my mom smile.

Tomorrow mom said she's making more treats! I'll get her to post the recipe for all my doggie friends. Mommy treats are the best!

Time to go beg for my dinner!

Licks and Love - Bender


  1. isn't Linda and her crew the best? I always love reading about what her corgis are doing. I surely can't imagine all those corgis running around, though; she's real patient to put up with them

    congrats on your winning!! truly a well deserved honor because those questions Miss Mercy ask are hard sometimes to figure it all out

    thanks for your kind words :)

    (If I'm not mistaken, is that a new picture for your blog header? Looks mighty nice:)

    enjoy Sunday


  2. What a nice post and everyone is so sweet to give us so many compliments! We love having so many blogging doggie friends! We ALSO love having friends like you, Bender, that have a Mom that makes such great doggie treats AND share the recipe with OUR Grammy!

    Congratulations on winning TWO Miss Mercy Monday Mysteries now! Mercy from Corgi Country