Monday, March 15, 2010


Bender isn't one to play fetch or chase toys. He'll tug on a rope if you hold it, but that's about it.

We were at Target the other day and they had a power outage. Odd, but nothing that bothered us. We went about our shopping when the lights came on and got into line to check out. Since the registers had to re-boot, customer service came around and handed out "Sorry for the inconvenience here's $3 off" coupons. We used this coupon to buy Bender a really large ball.

We gave Bender the ball when we got home that night, but it was really windy and all it did was scare him. Today we gave it another try, and he loved it! I've never seen him go after a toy so enthusiastically. He chased it all around the yard, barked at it, got it stuck under the deck multiple times, and pushed it against the fence so hard he got a hole in it. We patched it up with duct tape, not sure how long it'll hold. I see many more of these giant balls in our future this summer.
Thanks mom and dad!


  1. too cute! Koda did the same thing when we had a bigger back yard. I used to have two balls out there. I would kick one and he would chase it and herd it and then I would kick the other one. It was fun to watch.


  2. Yay! We got Gibson one of those last year. He loved it!! Unfortunately though, he barely gets to use it since we don't have a fenced in yard and it stays at my parent's house :(

  3. OC's always loved to herd a ball around the yard! She will often get it stuck in a corner, under some furniture, or between the fence and a tree, and now that it's hard for her to stand on her hind legs for too long, she will bark and bark until someone comes and frees it up for her.
    (She used to be able to use both front paws to pull it out of tight places)

    It is just so cute to watch them play like that!