Saturday, August 14, 2010

We've Moved!

It seems as though I post a few entries and then disappear for a few weeks. Summer just seems to be a very busy time in our house.

After we returned from our 3 week cross-country trip to Michigan we packed up our house and moved! We moved a whopping 4 blocks from our old house. The new place was too good to pass up. Brand new, built this year. Came with a washer and dryer, stove, dishwasher, tons of storage/closet space and best of all AC! The rent was less as well.

Bender wasn't fond of moving. He spent the first few day in our new place here.

Shhh. I'm hidings. You can't sees me!

Yup, that's Bender hiding in the bathroom closet. He decided that was his spot and we couldn't store anything there. If we asked "Where's Bender?" 9 times out of 10 the answer would be "In the bathroom closet."

After he became adjusted to the new living situation he ventured into the bedroom.

I needs to guard my daddy when he sleeps! (Casey is somewhere under that pile of blankets and pillows.)

Once the boxes in the living room were unpacked he became adventurous and would stare out into our small backyard.

From there he decided he would patrol outside along the fence, making sure to bark at the kitties that live next door.

I sees stuffs that needs to be barked at!

Finally after a week he's back to his normal playful Bender self.

Must destroy soccer ball! GRRR!

As I write this I have a happily adjusted corgi sleeping on my feet. I think he's grown to like his new home.


  1. glad Bender adjusted to his new home; I think they are creatures of habit and change is very hard for them, but the new home sounds like a perfect fit for all of you!


  2. im glad he's a little more adjusted now. its great that you found a better place for cheaper :)

    love all the pictures and captions :)