Monday, August 30, 2010

Paws it Forward

Bender and I received a great package from Kelly and Gibson over at Corgi Butts for Paws it Forward.

We got the box last Tuesday but it was the first day of school and I've been too busy to post until now!

"Is that for ME!? I LOVE presents!"

Bender was jazzed up as soon as he saw the box. I let him help unpack his presents. He went straight for the tissue paper and took off into the living room with it.

"Ohmigosh! PAPER! How did they know!? I love to shred paper! This is the best present EVAR!"

I had to corner him, take it away and explain that the tissue wasn't part of his present. I don't think he cared, he just wanted the paper.

"Grrr. Bark. Grrr. (tearing noises) This is AWESOME!"

We got the box unpacked and got to see all his great presents!

Bender's Loot

Bender got a Kong Wubba, a bully stick, a sausage stick, some amazing smelling pumpkin treats, and some fruitables. And I got a Corgi Butts "I Kiss My Corgi on the Lips" magnet! I LOVE it!

"The Kong is mine. Corgi's don't share!"

Bender isn't too excited about the fact that I'm making him share the treats with Bones. He's been guarding the Kong with his life as well.

Thank you so much Kelly and Gibson! We love our presents!

Now for my readers! (The few of you that haven't participated yet :) ) Do you want in on the fun? Do you want to receive a package of your own for your dog and then 'Paws it Forward' to someone else?? Be one of the first 2 commenters and leave me your email address/blog to contact you and you're in!! :)


  1. Me me me!!

  2. Rachel, don't put me in for the Paws it Forward but just wanted to say what a cute box of goodies from Kelly; Koda has one of those Kong toys and he loves it; loves to make is squeak over and over and over and over again.

    hope you have a good school year ahead!


  3. So glad you got it and that you and Bender like everything! :) I figured edible items wouldn't go to waste!

    (I obviously do not count as the second person either) ;)

  4. I saw your pic of this on Facebook and think it's a fabulous idea. I'd like to participate.


  5. LOL that's too funny! How did this get started and how do Toby and I sign up?! :D

  6. Aw he looks exactly like my PWC Peanut! Maybe he is Peanut's brother! where did you get him?

  7. Winnie loves paper, too. We need to keep a close eye on anything new we bring in the house because tags and receipts rank very high and the "paper I love to steal" list.

  8. Wow does he look like my Samwise or not?...