Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Adoption Day Bender!

In our house we don't celebrate dog birthdays. Not that I wouldn't love to, it's just that we don't know when either of the dogs were born.

Instead we celebrate Happy "We decided to dog-sit you and you never left" Day for Bender, and for Bones we celebrate Happy "I found you sitting in the street and you jumped into my car" Day.

We're all for non-traditional holidays here.

2 years ago on August 14 we brought Bender home so we could dog-sit him. The owner didn't want him back and I was already in love with him. So it came to be that I found the Corgi love of my life.

To celebrate I made him the doggie cake that Bri made Sammy over at The Adventures of Sammy. She was right, Carob powder was pretty hard to find. I had to go to 4 different stores and I finally found it in the all-natural bulk section at Fred Meyer.

Getting fancy with the frosting.
I thought the slices looked a little big, so they got to share one slice.

The cake was a huge hit. Both dogs sat with me in the kitchen while I cooked. When I began frosting the cake they began drooling. When they actually got to eat it - it didn't last more than 20 seconds. I'm not sure they really even tasted it.

Nom nom nom! I love my Happy "Bender's Day" Cake!

MMM Frosting!

Bones gets some noms too!


  1. Aww Happy Benderiversary! :) That cake looks good! haha, did you try any?

  2. Awww so cute!!! I need to make this cake for Sadie!

  3. Happy Bender day! It looked liked they really enjoyed his cake! yum-yum.

  4. :D looks delicious, happy anniversary!

  5. cute cake it looks like they loved it :)
    happy anniversary!!!