Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter: By Bender

My mommy hasn't had time to update lately.

Last Saturday was her 25th birthday, she spent it curled up on the couch with me and Bones. She said it was perfect. Daddy made her a cake that looks like the one Hagrid makes Harry in the first Harry Potter movie. She loved it, she even shared a little piece with me and Bones! She's a real nice mommy!

This week mom had something called "parent teacher conferences". I don't know what that means, maybe mom has to teach parents too? All I know is that she gets home really late and I don't like it.

Today is something called Easter. I don't know what that means but mom said that some big bunny came and brought me and Bones presents and treats. I don't know what a bunny is but I like him if he brings me stuff!

Check out my loot! Yes MY loot. It's all mine, Bones only gets some because mommy makes me share.

Nature's Recipe Teeth & Breath Lamb Meal & Rice Treats are nommy! They don't have any beef, corn or wheat. These ones are supposed to be good for my breath which mommy says I need.

Mom says the boomerang should be good in helping me learn how to fetch. I got to play with it today and I love it, but mom took it away and said it's an outside only toy.

I got a whole bunch of new Toyshoppe toys! See how excited I am? Mom likes them because it takes me forever to destroy them. I got a squeaky giraffe and hedgehog, and two different bones one of them you can put treats in!

I am not so excited in this photo because mom told me I had to share.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope the big bunny brought you good stuff too!


  1. Happy Easter to you and Bones and your mom and dad! sounds like you did great with getting some awesome treats from the Easter Bunny! Happy (belated) birthday Rachel! that cake looks yummy

    hoping parent-teacher conferences are over with by now


  2. Glad you had a good Easter and got a lot of gifts, even if you do have to share. Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom, too. Conferences ARE a busy time of year for teachers. She needs lots of loving when she DOES come home! The Country Corgis

  3. Dott was totally excited about Bender's asking her for a date! She thinks he is a real hunk! She ran right away to talk to her Dad (Robert) about it. He told her that Bender looked like a nice guy, but that he'd better be a gentledog while around his Dotter, and that he would be waiting up after their date because he had to clean his gun that night... :o) He still remembers her "Date" with Doug and how we ended up with Pups....

    Uh Oh... you are new and now she's embarrassed and hopes Bender will still want to take her. She was very young and didn't know any better, and now she's been "sprayed" so isn't interested in that type of relationship anymore!