Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Helper

Bender is a wonderful "helper."

Today we purchased a new dining set, got a great deal at Target. C and I were building the tabletop and Bender decided he needed to help. "Help" in Bender-speak means walk around, sniff things, and finally sit in my lap - impeding my ability to do anything.

"Hmmm. What is daddy doing?"

"I helping!" (looks like the screwdriver is in his mouth!)

The finished product looks great! We're excited we finally have somewhere to sit and eat together. Bender isn't as excited as his little "man cave" is now gone and his bed is under the new table.


  1. too cute; those corgis do demand to be the center of attention, don't they?? what a nice tablet too!


  2. That is an awesome job on the table and chairs. Yep, Bender is a TRUE corgi! Right in the middle of everything, and not happy with changes to the regular routine!

    Bender, Dott says Hi! She is so upset that the Date Night has been postponed due to Twix's computer dying! She hopes they will be able to get things up and running soon.

    Miss Mercy says to tell you congratulations again! That will be three entries into the Grand Prize drawing after MMMM#5.