Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Little Late by Bender

I'm a little late in posting about date night. Sorry for the delay but daddy's Grand-paw got real sick and he passed away on Monday. So mommy and daddy have been really busy lately. Daddy is in Michigan for the funeral, I miss him lots.

On a happier note date night was wonderful!

This is how I prepared.

Getting ready is tiring business!

I met up with the beautiful Dott. She was radiant in her black and red dress, she took my breath away. I tried to match as best as I could, mom helped me. Mom said I was handsome. Dott and I met up with BG and Lorenza. I can't even begin to describe date night! Limos, a castle, amazing food, great music, and the most ravishing date. I think we'll definitely have to do it again!

While I was getting ready so were mom and dad. Mom had to chaperone Prom. She put a lot of work into decorating and she says she thinks the kids had a lot of fun. She looked really pretty. Black and red must be popular colors!


  1. so sorry for the loss of dad's Grandpa :(

    but date night does sound like it was lots of fun and Bender you looked dashing!


  2. Oh, Bender, I am so sorry that you Daddy had to suffer such a loss and that now you've had to miss him. That is a lot like what happened around here with our Dad and his Auntie, but he didn't have to travel overnight.

    We DID have a great night, didn't we! I'd love to go out with you again some time, as you were a totally handsome and gentledogly date!

    Your Mom looked pretty good, for a human, too, for the Prom she went to. Dott

  3. Ooops... Forgot to let you know that you were the Grand Prize Winners in my daughter, Mercy's Mystery Contest. We've sent you an email about it. Dott