Friday, February 19, 2010


We usually mix in a spoonful of yogurt with the boys dinner. Each time we reach the end of the container I let Bender lick it clean. I love watching him try to fit his entire face in the container.

Hoping the weather clears up, I want to take the boys on a walk by the canyon.


  1. too cute!!! yogurt is good for them too :)

    Koda likes to lick cream cheese containers :)

    happy weekend


  2. Love this! I've got a vid to post of Mercy doing the same thing. The puppy formula recipe that I've used with the pups and still give some as treats has yogurt in it, so they really love it!

    The recipe is 1 can evaporated milk, 1 c. plain yogurt, 1 T. Karo Syrup, 2 egg yolks (now that they are grown, I use two whole eggs) and 1 can of hot water (milk can) It's a bit rich, since it is for feeding puppies, but I add more water now, and the egg is good for their coats as well as the yogurt being good for their digestive tracts.

    That makes about a quart, but I have 6 corgis and a Border Collie, so they only get about a 1/2 c. each as a treat every week or two. Linda (OC's Mom)