Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sneaky Thief

The dogs and I have a routine when I come home from teaching. They meet me at the door, jump on me, run around, etc. This is followed by Bender sticking his head in my bag until I put it on the ground for him to inspect. This has become so routine that I think nothing of dropping my bag on the ground while Bender rummages around in it and walking away.

Usually when he's finished with his inspection he'll come and find me to give me kisses. Today he did not. After a few minutes I grew suspicious. I looked around and discovered him in his "cave" - which is really just his doggie pillow hidden under the plant table. It looked like he was playing with his squeaky yellow ball. And then I noticed the corgi "I'm not doing anything wrong" look.

Upon closer inspection what I thought was his yellow ball was actually the pear that I had left in my bag. The little sneaker had taken the pear and begun to eat it as quickly as he could.

MMM... this is yummy!

Mom! Why did you take it away?

But I WANT it!

Ok, I'll eat it outside.

I ended up taking it outside and breaking it apart for both my boys to share. It didn't last long. Then I thought about it, are pears ok for the boys to eat? So I Googled "Are pears bad for dogs?" I found this:

"Pears are an excellent source of water-soluble fiber, including pectin, which makes them useful in toning the intestines. Fresh pears contain potassium which is necessary for maintaining heartbeat, muscle contraction, nerve transmission, and carbohydrate metabolism. Pears also contain Vitamin C. An important antioxidant, Vitamin C is essential for helping prevent free radical damage. Because of the extra added fiber and pectin, you want to make sure your dog doesn't over-do eating the pears. It can cause diearhea or an upset stomach."

Maybe I should give them pears more often?

Also my dad sent me this from the PvPonline comic, it made me giggle. I think Bender would make a great fairy steed.


  1. he's definitely a corgi, looking for food and trying to get it any way he can! too cute!


  2. haha too funny! Sounds just like Gibson :)

    The only think I'd worry about w/pears is the skin.. Dogs are not supposed to eat apple skin because they have a hard time digesting it, and I'm guessing it'd be the same w/pears..

  3. Actually, a pear skin isn't nearly as dense as an apple skin, so there shouldn't be any problem. Our corgis all love fresh fruit and vegetables! They get fresh carrots to chew on for low cal snacks quite often as, you will learn, they love to eat and it is easy to overfeed those begging eyes! We have horses, too, so I get those 25 lb. bags of carrots they have here in the markets, and the corgis can have all they want... They are good for their coats, too!

    The loose stools would be the only thing to watch for if they get too much, then just cut back on the amount they get.

    Oh, and one thing I've heard to be careful about is that if the dogs have a tendency to get into your purse looking for food, be very careful NOT to have Sugar-Free gum in there that is sweetened with Xylitol! That is a great sweetener for PEOPLE, but can be deadly to dogs because it lowers their blood sugar dramatically and can kill a dog within an hour, depending on how big the dog is and how much it ingests...

    It was in the news a while back, but don't know if you heard about it. I'm sure you can find out more on the net. It is in Trident and some Sugar Free deserts like Jello Puddings, etc.