Monday, December 20, 2010

Secret Santa Paws by Bender

Our secret Santa Paws was... WILSON (and his mom Chelsea) from A Dashing Dachshund!

They were very nice with the presents!

Mommy cut open the package and Bones and I used teamwork to get the goodies! He held the bag while I stuck my head inside.

I smells good stuffs!

Dad said we had to read the card first. Said something about it being the proper way to open a gift. Psshhh.

Done now. Wants presents!

Look what we gots! A natural antler chew and a beaver skineez! Thanks Wilson!

Bones picked his favorite and went to his dog cave. (Note from Rachel: He woke me up at 4am squeaking the skineez right under where I lay in bed. He really loves it!)

This toy is AMAZING! *squeak*squeak*squeak*

I gots my favorite too! This antler is great! I took it and hid it under all the pillows in my crate. I'm not sharing it with Bones!

It's so heavy! And it's all mines!

Thanks again Wilson (and his mom Chelsea)!


  1. So fun!! We can't wait to open ours :)

  2. Woohoo! Good stuff :) We can't wait to open ours either! Or to see our Secret Santa open what we got them!!

  3. wonderful goodies! looks like the "pups" enjoyed them so very much!

    safe travels and have a Merry Christmas Rachel and family!


  4. Aww that's awesome!! the pups look happy, which is important :)

  5. YOUR WELCOME!!!!!

    I'm glad that they like the gifts and I'm even more happy that you got the package on time!

    Have a good trip and have a even better holiday =)

  6. Hi... I'm MaxTheQuiltCat. .. I'm a furiend of Wilson's and came over from his blog to see you open your presents. Hope you like cats, cuz I'm gonna follow you.

    Have a great day.