Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doggie Torture

Otherwise known as my attempt at a Holiday card.

I'll just start by saying I failed.

I found antlers at the Target $1 spot, so I brought them home, very excited with my find.

My first attempt (the picture at the bottom) was taken in the house. Not good enough. I decided I needed Holiday pizazz!

So, I ushered the dogs into the snow covered backyard and put the antlers on both of them.

Then everything fell apart.

Bones refused to move, not even his head. He was staring at the ground completely unable to move. (He does this when you put any article of clothing on him. He freezes and thinks he is unable to move.)
Much like Allie's dog from Hyperbole and a Half.
(we've put the booties on Bones and ended up with the same result.)

Bender's slid down his head and rested on his neck. His head isn't built to support a headband, it's the ears. He then managed to get them off at which point I had a tug of war with him trying to get him to release the antlers.

In summary, no Holiday card. At least, not yet.


  1. hahahaha love this....good luck with the pictures and card!

    im thinking about doing a chirstmas card but i dont see how i could with two difficult/ridiculous dogs hahaha

  2. Honestly, to get them to wear them like that is an accomplishment. Koda would be trying to get them off at all costs and wouldn't still anywhere still for a picture


  3. Hahaha poor Bender! LOL. I do this to Sadie, and she reacts like Bender. Or she just looks so miserable in the picture that I can't use it because it looks like I am torturing her! Don't they understand we need to send out cute holiday cards??? LOL.