Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let Me In!

Today we got dumped on with more snow. No big deal, except that we have a fairly good sized parking lot at our 4-plex and we had to shovel all of it. I let the dogs out into the backyard and Casey and I got started on the parking lot.

About a half hour in, I came into the house and was greeted by this.

"Ma! I'm f-f-f-freezing!"

Nose smooshed onto the glass and all.

Bones joined shortly after. I think he enjoyed the snow more.


  1. too cute! I used to always have to get Koda from the snow when we lived in Montana; if his "boy" (my son) was out there playing in it,he had to be part of it, icicles and all! stay warm and safe!


  2. hehe, I love Bone's face in that photo!! :)

  3. Bender is so cute!! Thank you for the kind comments :)