Friday, December 16, 2011


I'm at a loss this year on what I should get Bender. Bones is easy. Giant bag of tennis balls = 1 happy pup.

Bender is tricky. He doesn't really "play" like other dogs. Toys with stuffing end up de-stuffed. Rawhides hurt his tummy. He has an antler. So, what do I get him?

Any recommendations? Nothing with pieces that hang off as they will be ripped off. Nothing with stuffing. Preferably something tough that can be chewed on. Also made in USA is a bonus. Also under $10 is best, money is really tight this year.

I could always give him an empty box.


  1. My Corgi is still a puppy(9 weeks) but she really likes those hooves you can buy for them to chew on- they last forever and at our Pet Supplies Plus they're only 98 cents each. :)