Friday, March 11, 2011

We got an Award!

Sadie and Laurie gave us an award!

The rules for accepting this award are to thank the person (or pups!) who gave you the award, share 7 things about yourself (and these are all true!), link to 15 recently discovered bloggers, and contact them to tell them about the award.

So thank you to Sadie and Laurie! :) We appreciate it!

1. Bender is an accidental rescue dog. We were just supposed to dog sit him. Bones is a lost and found dog.
2. Bender acts more like a cat than a dog. He only likes attention when he decides he needs it. Bones loves to be the center of attention.
3. Bender has to inspect all bags that come into the house.
4. If I have a sweatshirt on the floor Bender will sleep on it. If I have socks on the floor Bones will carry them around.
5. Bender hates to play fetch. Bones loves fetch (and Bender herds him.)
6. Bender and Bones are my first dogs.
7. Both dogs sleep in bed with me. They're better than a heating blanket.

I don't know who has already had this award, so I'm going to leave it open. If you have a blog and haven't had this award yet please take it! Leave a comment so we can come and read about you!

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