Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hide n Go Seek

The husfriend and I recently picked up a box of Kirkland brand bones from Costco (made in the USA!). The dogs love them. We used to buy them for Bender and he would hide them all over the house.

He seems to remember his old ways and has taken to hiding them in couch cushions, under pillows on the bed, in the wires under hisfriend's computer desk and last night in my pile of clothes waiting to be washed.

I was getting ready for bed and couldn't figure out why Bender was so reluctant to join me on the bed. He's usually the first one in bed ready to claim his spot. I shrugged it off and went to bed without him.

"I'm not doing nothin." *innocent face*

"See Ma, I'm just seepin!"

Today I stayed home with a stomach bug, but figured I'd better not waste the day, so I decided to start some laundry. Bender became very protective of my clothes when I went to wash them. I figured there was a treat hidden somewhere in them, and sure enough I found a bone. After I found it he had to sulk and eat it.

"You don't see nothin Ma!"

*sulk*"But I hides it soo good."

He's still not happy that I destroyed his hiding place.

What about your dogs? Bones isn't one to hide a treat. If he sees it, it's nom time. Bender hides treats half the time and eats them right away the other half (probably so Bones won't get them.) What about your dog? Are there any other treat hiders out there in blog land? Where is your dog's favorite treat hiding place?


  1. Nope, Gibson scarfs his treats down as fast as he possibly can! :)

  2. Hahaha the best is my dog when I was a teenager used to hide her bones in the kitty litter box and come back with a white nose and pretend she wasn't doing anything!!!

    Sadie on the other hand inhales any kind of food I give her. She will sometimes hide bones, but if I watch her doing it she gets mad at me, sighs, and then eats it instead of hiding it lol.