Saturday, September 14, 2013

Summer's Over: Corgi Rompin' Time Meet-Up!

So... it's been a while. My last post was 4/1/12. I told you, I'm not the best blogger.

Today we got up early (for us) and headed over to the Northtown Dog Park where Bender, and about 37 other corgis, took over the small dog side for the Summer's Over: Corgi Rompin' Time Meet-Up!

It was so fun to see all the different size corgis! There were quite a few tiny puppies and one or two other Bender sized corgis. Bender spent most of his time along the fence trying to get to Bones who was in the big dog side of the park with the husfriend.

Overall it was a wonderful time. It was nice to go to a shaded park and get the dogs out of the apartment for two hours. They're spent the day napping. :)

Enjoy some pictures!

Dutch, with Bender, Winston, and Bones (on the other side of the fence) in the background.

Group shot!

Bender being a loner. 

Bender, Scooter, & Jake.

Jake & Bender, two bigger corgi boys.

Bender, Rondo, Scooter, & Jake begging.

Dutch joining Bender, Rondo, Scooter, & Jake in the begging.